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Temporaries FAQs

See our frequently asked questions regarding Temporaries below. If you have additional questions, you can find more information on our Temporaries page.  You can also reach out to us via the form on the Temporaries page, call Nora Wade-Schultz at 213.763.5833, or email directly at

Twice a year during the LA Mart’s Winter market (January) and Summer market (July). Additional temporary exhibit opportunities may be added in the future.

A mix of Buyers and Designers representing multiple retail channels such as hotel and hospital gift shops, book stores, casinos, wineries, interior designers, set decorators and more.

One 6-foot table with a black table drape, one chair, booth sign, complimentary drayage and empties storage.

No. We are using vacant showrooms so there are no walls. The floor is marked to show your space.

The showrooms used are well lit and come with LED lights. If you would like additional lighting you will need to bring it in.

Merchandise is off-loaded at the LA Mart building’s loading dock. Our team will assist in bringing your freight to the appropriate location…as long as it’s correctly labeled.

We prefer that all freight moves through the loading dock. However, if you have a small box or bag you wish to carry in through the front door, that is allowed.


No. Payments are non-refundable as stated on the contract.

Creating a positive and welcoming environment for Buyers and Exhibitors is crucial for a successful show at the LA Mart. Addressing complaints or negative issues off the show floor with Show Management can help maintain a positive atmosphere, ultimately leading to better opportunities for selling products and ensuring a enjoyable experience for all attendees. It is important to be prepared and proactive in handling any potential disruptions to ensure the success of the event.

Mark Calendars

Mark your calendars the 2024 Summer Market is coming!

LA MART IS BACK! This is the official relaunch of LA Mart Markets! Join us and welcome back the Temporaries, enjoy some SoCal hospitality while shopping the best gift and home merchandise the west coast has to offer.