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Leasing FAQs

See our frequently asked questions regarding Leasing below. If you have additional questions, you can find more information on our Leasing page.  You can also reach out to us via the form on the Leasing page, call our Leasing Director Arlene Ezrol at 213.608.3020, or email directly at

You will need a business with a legal, registered name and the completion of the LA MART lease application and financial forms.

The shortest lease term is two years.

Showrooms are billed monthly and receive an invoice and statement on or around the 18th of every month. Rent payments are preferred via Commercial Café, the online tenant portal for account management. Here, credit card or ACH payments are accepted. Checks are also accepted.

No. Housekeeping can be requested through Operations and is billed separately from the monthly rent.

Please contact our Operations team at extension 5800.

A request for additional keys should be made through the Operations team.

Afterhours access for tenants is available if an afterhours key fob has been purchased. The cost is $40 per key fob.

Tenants can pay for a monthly parking card, purchase a packet of validations, or pull and pay for parking validation daily. For guests, a tenant can purchase validations for their guests from the onsite parking office, or their guest can pay the daily parking rate, $15.

Packages delivered to the building are taken to the tenant’s suite. If a tenant is not available, the package is left at the door of the suite. Outbound packages for FedEx or UPS can be dropped in the outgoing mail bin at the dock.

Mark Calendars

Mark your calendars the 2024 Summer Market is coming!

LA MART IS BACK! This is the official relaunch of LA Mart Markets! Join us and welcome back the Temporaries, enjoy some SoCal hospitality while shopping the best gift and home merchandise the west coast has to offer.