Showroom Testimonials

What our showrooms are saying!

Buyers can easily access the Mart and view lines not available at any other location. LA Mart provides well planned and executed shows, numerous amenities for our buyers, a genuine friendly welcome, and an invitation for food and drink along with a positive experience.
— Gus Dallas, Gus Dallas Ltd., Suite 870
The LA Mart is a great resource for many different types of buyers; retailers, designers, event planners, fashion, specialty grocery stores, museum and book stores. We are open every day and draw on a population of 10 million people in LA County alone, so the opportunity to meet and work with all types of buyers continues.
— Matt Katzenson, Fine Lines, Suite 405
Joanne & Company continues to thrive at the LA Mart. Our showroom is open 5 days a week and our customers find the building easy to shop and enjoy the variety of merchandise that they can view and order in person.
— Joanne Rackow, Joanne & Company, Inc., Suite 310
We like the personal attention we get from the LA Mart, as everyone is very easy and nice to work with. We have a lot of local customers who like to come to shop and love the fact we are open 5 days a week. Our marketplace has a good vibe and presence as soon as anyone walks in the door.
— Cathy Campbell, Gifts of Nature, Inc., Suite 348
The LA Mart is great, and more and more buyers are using the LA Mart on a regular basis. I’m seeing more buyers from other parts of the country and not just regional customers. The LA Mart also provides for a new store owner to visually see product in a beautiful aesthetic and get ideas on how to best merchandise in their own stores.
— Lynn Mitchell, Lynn Mitchell Group, Suite 856