LA Mart is open to the wholesale trade only. For admittance, the following credentials are required. If you are unable to provide these, you must be accompanied by a qualified buyer and pay a $20 guest fee. Please note, clients accompanied by a credentialed interior designer do not pay a guest fee.



The LA Mart is open Monday–Friday from 9am–5pm PST. Buyers and designers will enjoy extended weekend and evening hours during Gift + Home Markets and special events.


There are several options for entering our building as a buyer or seller. Please see below for a list of acceptable credentials.

Retail & Commercial Businesses
Required to present:

  • one (1) photo ID
  • two (2) forms of business identification

Interior Designers
Required to present two (2) of the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Tax ID
  • Professional membership card (ASID, IIDA, IBD, AIA)
  • Business Card

Non-Retail/Home-Based Businesses
Required to present ALL of the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Employment identification
  • Current retail business license or current resale tax certificate
  • Imprinted business check

Hospital Gift Shop Buyers/Volunteers
Required to present ALL of the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Hospital ID
  • Letter on hospital letterhead indicating that you are an authorized volunteer/buyer

Examples of identification that can be used as credentials:

Photo identification:

  • Driver’s License
  • State Issued Photo ID
  • Current Passport

Business identification:

  • Current Federal Tax # Certificate
  • Trade publication advertisement
  • Current Retail Business License
  • Appropriate “Yellow Pages” listing
  • Four (4) recent wholesale invoices for gift-related purchases
  • Store/Commercial lease indicating type of business as retail

Employment identification:

  • Copy of canceled company payroll check or payroll stub
  • Personalized, imprinted business card
  • Copy of W-2 form
  • Copy of company health insurance card
  • Copy of company credit card with employee and company name
On-site sample selling is not permitted (except during sanctioned Sample Sales or at Management's discretion). All orders must be shipped; merchandise is not allowed to be removed from floors/showrooms. Photography is prohibited without the written consent of management or showroom.

Questions about Admissions or Registration?

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