Fall Market Seminar - “Surviving AND Thriving- Retail in the 21st Century”

Seminar - Monday, September 26, 2016  @ 11:00am

  • 11:00am Meet & Greet
  • 11:15am Seminar +  Lunch
  • 12:15pm Networking Session with Speakers for 4 Lucky Retailers
  • LA Mart Seminar Room, Suite 305-307

Join The Conversation with Two Top So. Cal Retailers
and Learn Their Secrets to Success

 Josephine Pfeiffer                             Meredith Miller
 Owner, Fleur De Lys                         Owner, Michael’s Pharmacy
 Costa Mesa, CA                                 Pasadena, CA



One Hour Seminar
Six /Topics for discussion – 10 minutes per topic

  1. Sales Reps: My vital resource, how they add value; When I don’t use them and why? What makes a GREAT Rep great, how I partner with them.
  2. Vendors: How my Vendors help Grow my business and what drives me crazy!  How to get MORE for your money.
  3. My store culture, What is it, How I created it, how I build relationships, what I do to educate and empower my staff.
  4. How to compete in the Age of the Internet, How do we educate ourselves, our Vendors and stay in front of our customers.
  5. Events – What drives my traffic, customer’s interest and grows sales, best practices for great events.
  6. Social Media, what works, what doesn’t, how much time do I devote to this channel for Branding, Marketing and staying Connected?

Retailers enter to win:

Four Lucky Store Owners get 30 minutes of Networking with the speakers and each other.  

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