LEFF Amsterdam

LEFF Amsterdam is a Dutch company whose elevated the conversation for interesting timepieces. LEFF's approach is to partner with designers from around the world to create unique clock and watch designs that are accessible, fun, and added-value to any room, space, or personal look. As watchmakers, their philosophy could not be more apropos for current times, insisting that '…we respect tradition, but challenge convention,' and recognize that concept is king because 'nobody really needs a clock.'

One of the most noteworthy collections to come out of LEFF's partnerships is the Tube Series and Tube Watches by Piet Hein Eek. Sleek and minimal, this collection is all about the simplicity of form, the beauty of materials, and essence of functionality. The Tube Series features a desk clock and corresponding blue-tooth enable audio speaker in three colors: steel, brass, and copper. These pieces can be paired or sold individually, as well as in a set with a beautiful wood mounting block. The Tube Watches echo the design of the clock, and use similar colors coupled with leather or steel wrist bands. It's truly a beautiful blend of metals, materials, and design. It's also the perfect—and often elusive--'guy gift', as well as a no-brainer for the design savante or tech-guru. 

LEFF also offers other instant classics, like the Brick Clock, which features retro-style flip design, and the Block Clock, an easy, simple alarm clock with character. Debi Wise & Associates welcomes you to our showroom to learn more about LEFF Amsterdam, and its wonderfully creative range of timepieces.