Eight Mood

 Eight Mood can be found at Fine Lines, Ste. 449

Eight Mood can be found at Fine Lines, Ste. 449



Rustic Scandinavian

Scandinavian simplicity meets the rough-hewn design language of nature.

Materials are genuine and unpretentious and the colour range is scaled down, whilst remaining cozy and inviting. Metallic details create an elegant overall look that feels luxurious, yet understated. Soft materials such as leather, and knitted cushions and throws are matched with washed velvet. Hard materials, such as wood, zinc and ceramics suggest a solid, genuine feel.



Folkloric influences are incorporated into this rustic theme in a palette of black, white, natural and gray, combined with warm, earthy tones. The bohemian, nomadic style is still evident, but it is illustrated in a more nature-oriented way. A graphic modern expression is created through the use of strong black contrasts and patterns, set on a background of warm autumnal tones. Handmade genuine dark wood, terracotta and clay products evoke a sense of origin, a somewhat primal feeling.


Modern Romance

Turn of the century whitewashed floors set the scene as hard and soft materials are interpreted in a style best described as romantic, with a cheeky twist and an eye for detail. Nostalgia meets futurism as geometric shapes and soft pastels are combined to create a modern environment. Elements of naivety, timelessness and modernity co-exist in the same concept, inspired by images of newly styled living rooms featured by trendy urban bloggers. The colour scheme is based upon washed-out pastels with metallic shimmer and black details.



Classic Trend

The hottest retro trend right now is ”New Old”. Round, Art Deco inspired shapes and ornate botanical prints/patterns in rich colours are combined with authentic vintage pieces and statement decor for a ”More is more” approach. Here the classic design language finds a contender in this trendy new production, which takes nostalgic influences from both the 20s and 80s. The colours are deep and rich, in a variety of nuances. Blue-green shades are intermingled with wine and orange tones that are evocative of shiny metals – gold and copper in particular. Each product is imbued with its own unique strengths and with thoughtful details such as velvet medallions, foil prints, metal-plated glass and hand-cut glass.



A selection of forest friends, complemented by nature-inspired patterns embody the style of our children's concept. Narnia inspired motifs feature a variety of members of the animal kingdom, all drawn in a naive manner, to create a fantasy landscape. Each creature is hand sketched in fine strokes. The colour palette is based on retro soft pastels of pink and mint, mixed with dark steel blue, black and yellow as an accent colour.