KAKKOii found at  Karen Alweil Studio , Ste 848  (NEW LOCATION)

KAKKOii found at Karen Alweil Studio, Ste 848 (NEW LOCATION)

KAKKOii is a unique new brand focusing on individual and high quality contemporary design pieces for modern day living. The name KAKKOii comes from the Japanese word for cool and the products introduced to the range aim to be just that.

Easy to use, portable, durable and compact the original design combines both form and function. The WOW speaker allows you to take music with you without wires and has the potential to transform the way we listen to music on the go - from the office to the park and back in to the kitchen.

The ethos underpinning the brand is to create both classic and affordable pieces using the concept of considered design.

We have carried the line for a month and it has already been stocked in small specialty stores and large retailers across the country. KAKKOii is popular to buyers because it well designed, easy to use, colorful, stylish, portable, durable, compact and affordable, and comes in a variety of colors and styles to fit almost any customer.