Urban Agriculture Company

Fine Lines at the LA Mart brings you,  Urban Agriculture Company.

Lots of people are excited about local food, eating organic and sustainable cities these days. And that's sparked a renewed interest in the development of urban agriculture around the country.  But few people, especially city dwellers, actually have the space or know- how to cultivate their own food.   Until now!  Urban Agriculture Company designs organic grow kits that simplify the process of city gardening by providing you with everything needed for a fun and easy growing experience.  All of their grow kits come with one pack of organic seeds, one balanced bag of organic soil and one container to grow the plant in.  Their containers are made from 100% recycled tea bags allowing for perfectly drained and aerated soil, not to mention a very cool urban look.   They offer a variety of flowers, cooking herbs and vegetables to help urban dwellers have a well-rounded garden. 

A perfect combination of a unisex gift that’s legitimately eco -friendly, fun and practical- an Urban Agriculture grow kit is truly a gift that keeps giving… (as long as you water it)