Cecelia Rose Paperie

 Cecelia Rose Paperie found at Sales Producers, Ste. 451

Cecelia Rose Paperie found at Sales Producers, Ste. 451

Sales Producers showroom, exclusively debuts Cecelia Rose Paperie a brand new line to the LA Mart and this product line’s first foray showing anywhere on the West Coast.   Giving new life to old books with messages of hope, love and strength by up-cycling the beautiful, weathered pages of rescued vintage books from library recycling to create unique prints. No two are alike. The result is a beautiful and interesting home decor print.

Known for their attention to detail and superior quality, Cecelia Rose Paperie items make great inspirational gifts or a simple happy reminder for anyone.

Specifically, they rescue vintage tomes that are destined for the incinerator, giving life to old books! As this is how they source their materials, each and every one of their items are uniquely one of a kind and can even be customized and personalized with the coordinates of a city and state (or landmark) that is important.

Cecelia Rose Paperie strives to leave this world just a little bit better each day, with their simple motto being, “kindness matters.”